Masterclass recipes

Tetsuya Wakuda and Electrolux chef's Bridget Davis and Dean Jackman show you how to use a range of Electrolux appliances to create some of their favourite recipes.




Tetsuya’s induction recipes

By Tetsuya Wakuda

Tetsuya is world renowned for his degustation menu, including his signature dish, Confit of Petuna Ocean Trout with Fennel Salad.

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Slow poached egg on a salad of angel hair pasta with salmon caviar

By Bridget Davis

Bridget shows you the precision and power of induction by cooking a perfect slow poached egg on a linguini pasta salad using the Electrolux Maxisense Induction Cooktop.

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Baby beetroot, goat’s cheese and roast pork

By Bridget Davis

Learn how to benefit from cooking with steam as Bridget shows you how easy it is to cook a delicious recipe of roast pork with baby beetroot and goat’s cheese using the Electrolux Combi Steam Oven.

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Crackling rich pork roast with a medley of roasted root vegetables and panned cider gravy

By Bridget Davis

Bridget shows you how to make a suculant pork roast with crispy crackling and roasted vegetables using the Electrolux E:Line Pyroluxe Oven featuring IOI (Intuitive Oven Interface) technology.

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Barbecued seafood

By Dean Jackman

Learn how to make the most of your outdoor dining experience uning the Electrolux En:V Barbecue. Cooking a variety of fresh Australian seafood including Moreton bay bugs, scampi, king prawns and scallops, Dean shows you how to bring out perfect barbecue flavours.

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Singapore chilli crab

By Dean Jackman

Dean shows you how to get the most out of cooking on the Electrolux En:V Barbecue, using the side burner and wok to create an authentic Singapore Chilli crab dish.

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