Powerful cleaning, hygienic disposal

A hygienic solution

Avoid messy dust disposal!

The UltraCaptic from Electrolux has set an entirely new benchmark for hygienic dust disposal in bagless cleaning.
Not only does its superb Multi-Cyclonic Technology deliver excellent cleaning results, its dust compacting system has redefined the concept of dust and dirt disposal. The innovative system compresses the dust and dirt in the dust container, releasing it as a neat pile of compressed dirt.
The delivers the excellent cleaning experience, a bagless vacuum with powerful performance and hygienic disposal solution.

  • Bagless vacuum with Compact & Go
  • No more dust getting stuck in the canister
  • No more dust whirling around when emptying

Powerful effortless cleaning

The UltraCaptic is more quiet than most other Multi Cyclonic cleaners, without compromising cleaning efficiency. The powerful Multi Cyclonic suction in combination with a super efficient AeroPro Silent Air Technology nozzle, makes sure you get great results even in corners and tight spots. The flexible nozzle and the practical 3 in 1 accessories make sure you can clean all types of surfaces. You can move seamlessly between wood floors, carpets, tiles, furniture, crevices and any other surface in your home.

  • Powerful Multi Cyclonic suction
  • Super efficient AeroPro Silent Air Technology Nozzle
  • For all surfaces, corners and tight spots

Hygienic Hepa filter

The UltraCaptic features a long lasting hygienic HEPA 13 allergy filter that catches even the tiniest dust particles, making it the perfect vacuum for allergies and for everyone else who wants truly clean results. The HEPA13 filter provides high quality clean air, and is easy to replace when the time comes.

  • Great for allergies
  • Long lasting
  • Cleans the air

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