Today, our most efficient dishwashers consume 12 liters of water a load - a reduction of 37% in the last 10 years. Dishwashers can reduce water consumption by up to 80%, compared to hand washing in an average household.

Salt use
Adjust your dosage of salt to local levels of water hardness. Why is it important? Because your dish washer needs a fixed level of water hardness to clean dishes perfectly.

Auto program
No need to decide what programme is most suitable for the dishes, let the dishwasher decide for you. Dishwasher will modify the time, temperature, water and energy in line with the contents and the soiling level to ensure that the dishes are washed as effectively and efficiently as possible. Temperature variation from 45°C to 70°C suitable for glasses to pans.

Fuzzy logic
Using Fuzzy Logic the dishwasher can determine the dishwasher load. The duration and the water usage are then adapted accordingly, to ensure that no excess water is used. Rest assured that whether you wash a full load or a half load the dishwasher will adapt accordingly.

Switch your dishwasher off between loads. Being left on stand-by results in an unnecessary loss of energy.

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