Did you know that your fridge door is one of the most opened doors in your home? That’s why we created our intelligent FreshPlusTM technology. Designed to maintain the perfect temperature and detect when the fridge door opens, it immediately begins re-cooling to replace cold air for fresher, longer lasting and delicious food.

The Electrolux FreshZone crisper

Don’t be caught with anything less than fresh ingredients when culinary inspiration strikes. The exclusive Electrolux FreshZone crisper keeps your fruit and vegetable fresher for longer so you can make gourmet every day.

FreshPlus™ Refrigerator

Hear from Brand Ambassador and Chef Massimo Mele on why he loves his FreshPlus™ Refrigerator, and learn about our best-in-class energy efficiency refrigeration range.


Serve your unexpected guests, something unexpected. Our unique FreshZone double-insulated and sealed crisper keeps your produce fresher for longer. There will always be a little something fresh to throw together for those unexpected guests. Let us bring the freshness, and you bring the taste.

Strawberry Fragaria

Maintaining taste and freshness isn't only about fruits and vegetables though: From meat to fish or even cakes and other desserts, the perfect balance of coolness and humidity found in a FreshPlus™ fridge helps keep all your food in optimal condition. Discover our delicious Strawberry Waffles recipe.

Fresh berry layered parfait

With the freshest ingredients, let us inspire you with fresh ideas from exquisite entrées to delightful desserts. Discover our fresh berry layered parfait recipe.