In our fast-paced world the call for smart solutions to daily demands has been heard. Electrolux’s new Laundry collection includes the JetMix Wash System that delivers professional laundry care at home, whether you’re laundering bedclothes or garments. The innovative Vapour Refresh program is a quick cycle especially designed to refresh delicates without using detergent and the Woolmark certified cycle will safely launder precious woollens.

Vapour Refresh

Extend the life of your clothes with Electrolux’s innovative Vapour Refresh program, which freshens up your fashion with nothing but vapour – no detergent required. It means your clothes get better care, stay bright and feel fresh for years to come.

Interior LED illumination

Check with just one quick glance that nothing is left in the drum. Thanks to its interior LED illumination, a single glance inside the drum is all it takes to be certain that you've left nothing behind. It’s the little things in life that can make all the difference.

JetMix™ System

Enjoy a more thorough and efficient wash with our advanced JetMix™ System. At the beginning of each cycle, the detergent is dynamically blended and fully dissolved in water within a specially designed pre-mix chamber. This creates a powerful cleaning solution saving you time and energy in the laundry.