Four chef-approved appliance features that make kitchen life easier

Getting the most out of your appliances all comes down to knowing how best to use the features. Electrolux Ambassadors, Richard Ousby, Massimo Mele, Scott Bridger and James Viles know how much of a difference the right appliances can have when it comes to creating delicious meals and cleaning up afterwards.

Richard Ousby

I love the Bake + Steam feature on the Electrolux Multifunction Pyrolytic oven. It is great when I’m baking because it keeps the dish moist and doesn’t leave the cake dry and solid. The function works by using a touch of steam that results in a richer and glossier colour of your cake, locking in flavour, a crispier crust and a soft delicious texture for all your baking treats.

Massimo Mele

Food preservation is important to me, so temperature, humidity control and a fully sealed crisper in my fridge is a must. The Electrolux French Door Fridge helps my family reduce food waste by storing fresh produce correctly. Fresh ingredients form the most important part of a meal, which is why purchasing appliances that give your produce that extra freshness is vital. Electrolux’s FreshPlus technology also helps maintain the perfect temperature, automatically detecting when it needs to begin cooling if you’ve left the door open too long, therefore locking in freshness.

Scott Bridger

I always recommend an induction cooktop because it’s an efficient way of cooking. It’s a time saver because it heats up faster than gas and it allows for more control over the temperature when you’re cooking. An induction cooktop also allows you a larger cooking space, and the sleek touch and slide controls make it easy to manoeuvre the temperature and even use the Chef Mode feature. Chef Mode has a selection of pre-set temperatures that help you simmer, sauté and boil like a pro.

James Viles

Cleaning an oven is always a chore so if it can clean itself, that’s one thing off your to-do list you don’t have to worry about. The Electrolux Pyrolytic ovens make cleaning in the kitchen so much easier, by doing the work for you. The oven heats itself to temperatures upwards of 400C, turning grease and food residue to ash so you can easily wipe it all away.

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