Chefs always need to be on top of their creative game in the kitchen, but what happens when they step away from the restaurant and into their home domain? Electrolux Ambassadors, Scott Bridger and Richard Ousby share their five things they always have in their fridge, and how they use these ingredients to create chef-approved meals and snacks at home.

Scott Bridger


Yoghurt finds its way into a lot of our cooking at home, so try and find a good quality natural yogurt to keep as a staple in the fridge. I use it as a base for bircher muesli but it’s also great as a condiment when cooking. 


Everything tastes better with butter, so I always have a supply in the fridge.

Fresh greens

I make it a point to include fresh greens in every dinner meal we cook. Lately we’ve been cooking a lot of Asian greens which pair perfectly with dry curries. I love the TasteLock crispers in our Electrolux French Door Fridge because they automatically control the humidity levels to keep our fruit and vegies fresher for longer, which in turn reduces food waste.


Miso is such a versatile condiment making it another one of my fridge staples. It can take a roast chook to a whole new level or make any vegetable the star of the dish. It has become a regular addition to our BBQs, with my recent miso pork shoulder over charcoal which was divine. 


Never underestimate a good quality cheese because it can transform any meal, or it can even sometimes be the meal accompanied with crackers and a good relish.

Richard Ousby


Carrots and hummus are in endless supply in our fridge at the moment because my son loves it as a snack. Our home cooking philosophy includes what doesn’t require too much forethought and is healthy enough and this definitely fits those requirements.

Chicken stock

I make my own chicken stock and freeze it. It’s great with two kids in tow because we pull one out a couple times a week and use as an instant meal when required but include it in lots of our meals through the week.

Nasi goreng paste

We use nasi goreng paste for breakfast, lunch and dinner so we love the versatility of it and the flavour it adds. It’s great if like us, you don’t get much time to plan meals in advance and need to pull a meal out of a hat.


Eggs are the perfect food that can be used for breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert so we always keep some in the fridge and the kids love them!

Oyster sauce

Oyster sauce is a great booster for many recipes, so I always keep some on hand. At home, we love it with greens because it just heightens the flavour .

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