250gr green papaya- peeled
2 tbs best quality dried shrimps
5 cherry tomatoes - quartered
2 snake beans - sliced into 1inch/2.5cm pieces
2-3 garlic cloves - peeled
4-6 scud chillies depending on your spice level- quartered
1 large handful of dry roasted peanuts - crushed
2tbs fish sauce
2tbs palm sugar
2tbs lime juice
1 Kiwi brand papaya shredder
1 deep mortar and pestle
1lrg long handled spoon

  1. Shred the green papaya into a bowl filled with iced water. Drain in a colander or strainer and keep crisp in the fridge until the other elements are ready to go.
  2. Put the chilli, garlic and dried shrimps into the mortar, pound roughly until broken down and blended together but not into a paste.
  3. Add snake beans, cherry tomatoes, and crush with the pestle just a little, add all the seasoning (palm sugar, fish sauce, lime juice) and with a large spoon toss everything until it is evenly distributed.
  4. Do not add the green papaya until all the elements of the burger are ready to go, as once you add the papaya it will start to sweat and omit a lot of liquid so only toss and incorporate the shredded papaya and peanuts just as you are ready to assemble the burger.
  5. Steam the bun lightly, split evenly equatorially, butter both sides heavily right to the edges and pan fry until the underside is just golden brown and crisp.

Building the burger from the bottom up

  1. Spread the Nahm prik pao (smokey chilly jam) on the bottom bun
  2. Fried chicken
  3. Iceberg lettuce- cup side up
  4. Som dtum (green papaya salad)
  5. Crown with the top bun and eat straight away