Uninteruptted vacuuming

The detachable battery pack guarantees longer sustained performance. So whether it's a quick clean up or a weekly deep clean, you vacuum efficiently with up to 40 minutes* of uninterrupted runtime (EFP31315).

* Based on internal tests based on full stick at min mode, according to IEC 60 704-2-1 and 3.

Versatile vacuuming

Enjoy versatile vacuuming that reaches all areas in your home, from vacuuming under furniture to cleaning high corners. Simply attach the accessory that suits the surface and location you need to clean. Conveniently store the vacuum neatly away on its integrated wall mount when you've finished.

Up to 99% dust pick up

Enjoy efficient vacuuming with a up to 99%* dust pick up on hard floor for an efficient and thorough clean.