Gas or induction…the experts weigh in!

Planning a kitchen upgrade and confused about what cooktop is best? We asked five top chefs what they have in their kitchens.

  • Scott Bridger, Head Chef of Bib & Tucker and May Street Larder, Perth

     “We currently have gas at home, but when I used to work on private yachts I cooked on induction. It’s quick to heat, safe for the kids and if anything gets spilt it’s easy to clean up. I would definitely consider induction in the future”

    Hadleigh Troy, Owner and Chef of Restaurant Amusé, East Perth

     “Induction for home (and gas for commercial). For the home kitchen, the pros of induction come down to the ease of cleaning and that they don’t heat up the entire kitchen or house. The only con is that you may need to buy yourself some new pots!”

    Richard Ousby, Executive Chef at Stokehouse Restaurants, Brisbane and Melbourne

    They both have their merits.  I currently have gas but I’m a huge advocate for induction because they’re just so damn tidy!”

  • Massimo Mele, Chef, Sydney and Hobart

    “After renovating my second home in Hobart, we decided to go with induction. It is so efficient and makes cooking quick and easy. We decided to put the induction on our island, so that when we have guests around, I’m able to face the party whilst we have a glass of wine. It’s nice not to have my back to people and makes the cooking a part of the night. I never thought I would be converted from gas but cooking has evolved so much now, the Electrolux 6 zone maxisense InfinitePro induction cooktop is the way to go”

    Nelly Robinson, Head Chef of nel. Restaurant, Sydney

    I use both. Gas is amazing for boiling water or blanching, whereas induction is great for searing meat off because of the precise temperature control. You do look cooler using induction when you have Chef Mode, as seen on the Electrolux induction cooktops! It lets you slide pots and pans across pre-set power settings, without having to adjust the controls”