• We asked top chefs how they’ll be upping their food game this Australia Day. Here are their top tips - from exotic twists, barbecued desserts and how to take your sauces to the next level!

    Richard Ousby

    (Electrolux Ambassador and Executive Chef of Stokehouse Restaurants)

    Turn traditional on its head!

    This year, embrace our multicultural food offering… slow roast a lamb shoulder marinated in Mexican spices, grill tacos and quesadillas, open a chilled beer (or ‘cerveza’ as the Spanish call it) and feast Aussie-Mexican style.

    For the more daring, try chicken hearts in classic yakitori style. Marinate in soy, mirin, garlic and a dash of olive oil. Grill then sprinkle with Togarashi and sea salt.

    Barbecued dessert you say?

    Slice a couple of peaches and grill them until nicely charred on the BBQ. Then drizzle with ginger beer syrup and chopped chilli. Once cooled add a spoonful of your favourite sorbet and let the heat of the afternoon drift away!

    Scott Bridger

    (Electrolux Ambassador and Executive Chef of Bib & Tucker)

    Fire up the grill!

    I love to cook Aussie lamb on the BBQ - a butterflied lamb leg always works well, marinated the day before for big, juicy flavour. As for the sausages, I would have good quality Chorizo, a good soft milk-bun and an Escalivada (Spanish roasted vegetables) salad.

  • Perfect Pavlovas! What would Australia Day be without a Pavlova? Top with a heap of passionfruit curd, freshly chopped strawberries, then shave macadamia nuts all over with a truffle shaver.

    Kate Gibbs

    (Electrolux Ambassador, Cook and Author)

    Use your butcher

    There’s nothing like meat cooked on the bone - I ask my butcher to debone a lamb leg for me so that I can fill the butterflied meat with loads of herbs and flavour – think mint, parsley garlic, even slices of tomato, some torn bread and a good squeeze of lemon – toll it up and tie it into a log shape with string. Barbecue with the lid down at 180°C for 40 - 45 minutes until just done and rest for at least 10 minutes before carving.

    Because sauce makes everything better

    No table is complete without some variation of the colourful sauce triumvirate – homemade chimichurri, mayo and even a green goddess dressing. It’s the one day of the year that I go all out on sauces - they’re packed with herbs and are hot, tart, sharp, creamy and fresh. A cucumber and dill tzatziki is cooling, slightly garlicy, and does wonders to lamb and a piece of barbecued pita. I even make my own chilli sauce!

    The great thing about Australia Day is that it’s the one day of the year where you can mix up the nationalities of your food. A little Greek, Italian, Chinese, British, French; it all works in the celebration of who we really are as Australians.