The classic pork roast is a dinner staple. Whether you’re a home cook or professional chef, the hero of the pork is always the crunch of the crackling.

With the ability to make or break the dish, it’s crucial the crackling is perfect. Executive Chef of Whistle & Flute and the Port Admiral in South Australia, Stewart Wesson, reveals his top tips and favourite recipe that guarantees perfect pork, every time.

Tips for crunchy crackling:
1. Dry out the skin of the pork overnight
2. Rub lots of oil and salt into the skin
3. Roast the pork in a really hot oven to start

Serve your pork roast alongside one of Stewart’s favourite sides; a raw fennel, orange and feta salad with toasted almonds. He claims, “The freshness of the fennel and orange help to cut through the fat in the pork and create an amazing crunchy combination between the almond texture and soft pork.”