What is a Pyrolytic oven and how does it clean?

The Electrolux Pyrolytic ovens give you a notification when cleaning is needed. Pyrolytic cleaning heats the inside of your oven to temperatures upwards of 400°C, reducing grease and food residue to ash without the use of chemical agents, and all you have to do is wipe away the ash with a damp cloth effortlessly. Thus, professional cleanliness without scrubbing using the Electrolux Pyro self-clean.


Time and convenience (how long does it take to clean)

The pyrolytic function cycle will vary in time depending on the specific cleaning cycle chosen, it can range from 1.5hr to 2.5hrs. The Light Clean cycle is an energy saving cycle that can be used on a regular basis if the oven is lightly soiled, this takes 1.5hrs. The Normal Clean cycle can be used as the regular cycle every 2-3 months, this takes 2.5hrs. Both cycles have additional time for the cool down of the oven to take place. The cycles start by locking the oven door shut so that it cannot be opened until the cycle is finished and the oven has cooled down.

Safe for your home

Once the cycle commences the oven door will lock and will not unlock until the oven has cooled down to a safe temperature. Pyrolytic ovens come with a quadruple glazed glass panes which are designed to minimise heat being transferred outside the oven, ensuring a cooler to touch door which has the benefit of keeping the kitchen cooler.

Great for the entertainer

With the pyrolytic oven function, you can focus on your creative skills in the kitchen and with no need to worry about scrubbing the oven afterwards. No matter what culinary creation you prepare for your guests, rest assured that the pyrolytic cycle in the oven will reduce all the residue in the oven to ash, making it easy to wipe away once the cycle is finished, ready for your next dinner party.

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