Cooking when you have confidence is relaxing and almost meditative. We all have our go-to recipes that we’ve perfected, the tried and true dishes we reach for when we don’t want to think too much. However, did you know, adding steam to your most loved creations can further enhance flavours and textures to the next level. We’ve partnered with Sara Oteri to share some of her favourite dishes and how adding steam has made it even better.

Steam Oven Hacks


There’s a lot you can do with an Electrolux steam oven that you might not be aware of. From getting crispy skin on your roasts, to the perfect rise for you breads and cakes, or restaurant quality pizzas. Check out our hacks below to use steam in your oven to enhance your favourite recipes today.

Simple Crusty Bread

Did you know steam can give you bakery style bread at home? Set to the proofing function to help your dough rise. Steam when baking helps your bread stay light and creates the perfect crust.

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Crispy Pork Belly

Did you know steam can give your pork the perfect crackling? Start with steam to break down the skin, and allow it to crisp up with heat at the last minute. For tender juicy meat and crispy crackling. Just add steam.

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Prosciutto Pizza

Did you know steam can give your pizza the perfect crispy crust? Steam can help your homemade dough get the most from its toppings.

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Simple Raspberry Victoria Sponge Cake

Did you know steam can help your sponge cakes stay light and fluffy? Set your oven to the steam function. Steam will ensure even cooking, never stodgy, for that perfect light texture and even browning.

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But, will it steam?


We’ve partnered with some of Australia’s top cooking content creators and put them to the test. Move over basic bread, cake and steamed fish recipes and welcome to the surprising world of discovering #ButWillItSteam.


Firecracker Cauliflower

A whole cauliflower that’s smothered in a spicy saucy rub that’s served with a cool refreshing yoghurt. This cauliflower is an epic vegetarian dish and perfect for entertaining.

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Zesty Lemon Bars

A zesty, pucker up and pay attention kind of recipe. This one is great in showcasing the benefits of steam because it’s all about that gentle consistent heat to set that smooth curd perfectly. A simple dessert to have on hand but also a nice dessert to serve when entertaining.

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