Powerful performance

Enjoy powerful vacuuming with maximum suction of up to 2600Pa¹ and up to 100% dust pick up of medium and large particles² for an efficient and thoroughly clean.

¹ Based on internal test, for particle size from 2 to 7 millimetres, according to IEC 62885-7.
² Based on internal test according to internal test method for A2 dust pick up in particle size less than 1.0 micrometre on hand unit.

Intuitive navigation

Gyroscopic mapping vacuums with sensor-aided navigation to clean floors in a structured, organised pattern, while the integrated smart camera intuitively guides the robot to every corner of your home. The result is efficient, precise coverage and a thorough clean.

2 in 1 vacuum and mop

Efficiently clean and mop your floors with the integrated vacuum and mopping function. Adjust water levels for mopping for the desired level of cleanliness via the remote control or mobile app.