Better Living With Electrolux

Better Living With Electrolux

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Kira Simpson Anna Mac Home Renovation

Turn your home into a clean sanctuary with these 4 at-home wellness tips

The new hybrid work style means more time at home. Sustainability advocate Kira Simpson & Anna Mac share their experiences of daily health and wellness at home.

Kitchen design home renovation Hunting for George functionality

Hunting for George: Lorne Renovation Project

Hunting for George shares their top 3 tips on how to ensure your newly renovated kitchen is fit for wherever the future takes you. Learn more now.

Functionality Vacuum Vacuum tips Vacuum maintenance

5 ways to get your vacuum to perform better

The Electrolux vacuum range combines simplicity with peak performance. Discover the five ways your vacuum can performer better with maintenance & care.

Sustainable laundry Functionality Laundry how-to

5 ways to transform the way you launder your clothes with the new UltimateCare range

We’re making laundry gentler on the environment and breaking down the advanced features that allow you to do that.

Cooking tips Steam cooking Air frying Home entertaining One pan meals

Guide to one-pan meals for fuss-free hosting

Looking for ideas on how to host with one-pan meals? Read our guide on making the most out of your oven when cooking convenient one-pan meals.



Sustainability is important to us

We are firmly committed to reducing our impact on the environment, by becoming a better company, by being more efficient, creating more environmentally friendly appliances and promoting better eating, garment care and home environments, to shape a better future for all

Air purifier air health cleaner air

5 Ways You Can Improve Air Quality at Home, According to An Expert

steam cooking steam oven rangehoods functional design cooktops air fry air frying

Kitchen Appliances For Sustainable Cooking

Sustainable fashion Sustainable laundry Sustainability tips Sustainable living

How You Can Adopt a More Sustainable Approach to Fashion in Four Simple Steps

Sustainability Expert Clare Press Teams Up with Electrolux to Educate Australia on How to Be a More Conscious Consumer

Circular Economy Designer Sustainability

Sustainability Summit & Awards

2021 sees Electrolux partner with the Sustainability Awards and Summit for the first year to present the award for Multi-Residential Dwelling and participate in a panel discussion on Circular Economy Ideas For Adaptive Reuse Of Buildings.


Steam recipe Steam oven Seafood Massimo Mele

Whole Baked King George Whiting Aqua Pazza By Massimo Mele

A recipe for a whole baked King George Whiting by Massimo Mele

35 mins

6 people


Vegetarian Steam recipe Steam oven Massimo Mele

Tomato Passata By Massimo Mele

A recipe for the perfect Tomato Passata by Massimo Mele

150 mins

6 people


Lamb BBQ Massimo Mele

Lamb Shoulder Skewers, Garlic, Olives, Lemon By Massimo Mele

Massimo Mele's easy Lamb shoulders

35 mins

4 people


Seafood Oysters Massimo Mele

Oysters, Cucumber, Dill, Chive Dressing By Massimo Mele

A delicious summer apetizer of Oysters and cocumber by Massimo Mele

5780 mins

4 people


Seafood Octopus Salad Massimo Mele

Octopus, Barley, Garlic And Chilli Salad By Massimo Mele

A recipe for an Octopus and Chilli Salad by Massimo Mele

85 mins

6 people


Our Partners

Massimo Mele

Electrolux Partner and chef, Massimo Mele, was born in Tasmania, then raised in Naples, Italy, where his culinary journey began.


Intuitive Oven Interface And Pyrolytic Cleaning

No more guessing. The new glass full-colour Intuitive Oven Interface makes cooking easier than ever.

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