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How To Maximise One of the Hardest Working Rooms in Your Home: The Laundry

Home renovation experts, Oak & Orange discuss laundry mistakes and design tips to help you find ways to maximise your laundry. Discover their tips here.

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Why The ‘5 Fs’ Are The Key To A Stunning Home Renovation

Three Birds Renovations demonstrate the 5 Fs you need to consider when renovating. Discover their helpful insights that will guide your renovation.

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The Block’s Hayden & Sara On Renovating Their Forever Family Home

Hayden and Sara share their tips for home renovating.

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4 Things To Consider When Designing An Open Plan Kitchen

Fresh off their House 13 reveal, Three Birds Renovations offer their tips for renovating your dream family-friendly entertainer’s kitchen.


How To Choose The Best Vacuum For Your Home

A buying guide to shop smart for the much used appliance.



The Program

The Better Living Program is a 11-year action plan by Electrolux that aims to shape better and more sustainable living around the world.

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Sustainability Summit & Awards

2021 sees Electrolux partner with the Sustainability Awards and Summit for the first year to present the award for Multi-Residential Dwelling and participate in a panel discussion on Circular Economy Ideas For Adaptive Reuse Of Buildings.

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Designing For Change

In this whitepaper, we take a closer look at how shifting from linear to circular thinking in design and construction can achieve better, more sustainable outcomes.

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How To Plan And Build A More Sustainable Home For The Future

Sustainability tips: A month-by-month guide to a greener home

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Chef Massimo Mele’s Tasmanian Food Tour – A Look At His Favourite Local Producers

Chef Massimo Mele shares his favourite local producers.


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Whole Baked King George Whiting Aqua Pazza By Massimo Mele

A recipe for a whole baked King George Whiting by Massimo Mele

35 mins

6 people


#Vegetarian #Steam recipe #Steam oven #Massimo Mele

Tomato Passata By Massimo Mele

A recipe for the perfect Tomato Passata by Massimo Mele

150 mins

6 people


#Lamb #BBQ #Massimo Mele

Lamb Shoulder Skewers, Garlic, Olives, Lemon By Massimo Mele

Massimo Mele's easy Lamb shoulders

35 mins

4 people


#Seafood #Oysters #Massimo Mele

Oysters, Cucumber, Dill, Chive Dressing By Massimo Mele

A delicious summer apetizer of Oysters and cocumber by Massimo Mele

5780 mins

4 people


#Seafood #Octopus #Salad #Massimo Mele

Octopus, Barley, Garlic And Chilli Salad By Massimo Mele

A recipe for an Octopus and Chilli Salad by Massimo Mele

85 mins

6 people


Our Partners

Anna Carin

Anna-Carin McNamara is the Founder and Principal Designer at ANNACARIN.Design [AC.D] - an interior design studio specialising in Scandinavian influenced high-end residential interiors.

Massimo Mele

Electrolux Partner and chef, Massimo Mele, was born in Tasmania, then raised in Naples, Italy, where his culinary journey began.

Stephanie Conley

Stephanie Conley is a lover of home cooking and making healthy and simple meals with easy recipes with an emphasis on good produce and plate styling.


Intuitive Oven Interface And Pyrolytic Cleaning

No more guessing. The new glass full-colour Intuitive Oven Interface makes cooking easier than ever.

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