Better Living With Electrolux

Better Living With Electrolux

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Electrolux Campaigns
Better TLKS: A Swedish Sustainability Series
Electrolux Campaigns
Make It Last - Care
Make It Last
Electrolux Campaigns
Make It Last – Wellbeing
Make It Last Well-being
Electrolux Campaigns
Make It Last - Taste
Electrolux Campaigns
Make It Last
Electrolux Campaigns
Most Satisfied Customers – Clothes Dryers 2021
Winner of Australia’s Most Satisfied Customers – Clothes Dryers 2021 and 2022
Electrolux Campaigns
Readers Digest Highly Commended for Most Trusted Brands Awards - Vacuum Cleaners 2022
Electrolux Campaigns
iF Design Awards Winner 2022

The Latest From Electrolux

Looking for the best articles to read? Browse the list of interesting articles on various topics like life style, cooking and more.

food sustainability organic food how to minimise food waste swedish food traditions sustainable cooking

3 Swedish Innovations That Inspire Food Sustainability

Explore the benefits of Swedish traditions with food sustainability and organic food that help to change the way we look at cooking and entertainment.

sustainable living sustainable cooking meal prepping how to minimise food waste home grown vegetables cooking tips

Inspired by The Chef’s Garden: Sustainable Cooking Tips

Discover sustainable cooking tips with Chef Massimo Mele and learn meal prepping as well as using innovative Electrolux appliances for eco-friendly cooking.

air purifier air quality clean air carbon air filter healthy living

Three reasons you need an Electrolux air purifier in your home

Learn 3 reasons why Electrolux air purifiers are essential for your home. Learn how it monitors and manages to have clean air with better health and sleep.

Swedish Living Interior Design Lagom Air Purifier

5 ways to achieve Lagom in home interior design

Discover Lagom, the Scandinavian principle of balance in interior design. Draw inspiration from diverse cultures to reimagine your home's style.

Indoor air quality air purifier robot vacuum indoor plants

5 Simple Ways to Improve Indoor Air Quality at Home

Discover 5 simple ways to improve the air quality of your home by introducing plants and natural light, and investing in air purifiers and vacuum cleaners.



Sustainability is important to us

We are firmly committed to reducing our impact on the environment, by becoming a better company, by being more efficient, creating more environmentally friendly appliances and promoting better eating, garment care and home environments, to shape a better future for all

sustainable living sustainable clothes sustainable fashion slow fashion sustainable clothing brands sustainable fashion brand eco-friendly clothes

Better TLKS: A Swedish Sustainability Series with Sustainable Clothing Brand UNIKSPACE

Discover sustainable living with UNIKSPACE's eco-friendly clothes, representing the essence of slow fashion and sustainable clothing brands.

fika sustainable living sustainable environment swedish traditions

Better TLKS: A Swedish Sustainability Series with Fika

Discover how fika brings Swedish traditions to Sydney beaches while promoting sustainable living and inspiring a more considered lifestyle.

sustainable living natural drinks natural energy drinks natural healthy juice

Better TLKS: A Swedish Sustainability Series with Chia Sisters

Learn more about the story of Florence and Chloe Van Dyke of Chia Sisters who set out to create all-natural, health-promoting, and New Zealand’s first solar-powered juicer.

sustainable bag eco-friendly environmental sustainability

Better TLKS: A Swedish Sustainability Series with Veggie Saver Sustainable Bag

Discover the Swedish Sustainability Series highlighting pioneers in sustainability. Meet Peita Pini, creator of Veggie Saver, a smart produce bag reducing fresh food waste and inspiring a greener lifestyle.


Chefs Garden recipes Massimo Mele

Zucchini Dip & Fried Pizza

Prepare a flavourful zucchini dip to saviour with crispy fried pizza. Juicy zucchini, fresh herbs and lemon juice are blended to perfection. This delightful dish gets even better with homemade pizza dough.

60 mins

7 people


Chefs Garden recipes Massimo Mele


Elevate your culinary skills with our roasted pepper and caper relish recipe. Char peppers to perfections, combine them with aromatic onions, garlic and a flavourful blend of ingredients. This versatile relish gets even better with time.

30 mins

6 people


Chefs Garden recipes Massimo Mele

Honey & Yogurt Panna Cotta with Fresh Berries

Indulge in the velvety goodness of our vanilla panna cotta topped with a burst of macerated berries. This creamy delight, perfectly balanced with elderflower vinegar, is a dessert masterpiece that will elevate your dining experience.

20 mins

6 people


Chefs Garden recipes Massimo Mele

Gnocchi with Tomato Sugo

Learn how to make a delicious homemade gnocchi with a savory tomato and bail source with Massimo Mele.

90 mins

6 people


Chefs Garden recipes Massimo Mele

Beetroot Salad with Goat’s Curd

Unlock the flavours of our roasted beetroot salad with goat’s curd and hazelnuts. Tender beetroots, paired with a medley of fresh herbs and a luscious goat’s curd. Elevate your dining experience with this vibrant and delicious salad

20 mins

4 people


Our Partners

Massimo Mele

Electrolux Partner and chef, Massimo Mele, was born in Tasmania, then raised in Naples, Italy, where his culinary journey began.


Intuitive Oven Interface And Pyrolytic Cleaning

No more guessing. The new glass full-colour Intuitive Oven Interface makes cooking easier than ever.

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