All In One

Our Washer Dryer range offers you the option of choosing between a 10kg washer paired with a 6kg dryer or 7.5kg washer and 4.5kg dryer ensuring that you have been able to find the capacity most suited to your needs. 

  • Washer
  • Dryer


Our philosophy is simple: life in the home should be seamless and intuitive. That’s why we’ve developed a range with smart, sustainable features and clean lines for an effortless experience.

  • Removes 49 visible stains
  • Goodbye detergent residues
  • Nice on knits
  • Functions
  • Removes 49 visible stains

    Wash out all kinds of stubborn stains with ease, without the need for pre-treatments. SensorWash technology uses AL sensors to automatically detect dirt and soil levels, and the adjusts the cycle duration accordingly*.

    *Tested on 4.5kg load with 5cm2 stains from food, household and personal products using Cotton 40c + Stain cycle. Results may vary depending on factors such as load size, type and duration of soiling, detergent type and water.

  • Goodbye detergent residues

    With UltraMix, detergent and softener is thoroughly dissolved and activated before it enters the drum. Ensuring your clothes are cleaned without leaving visible detergent residue*.

    *Tested on a 3kg mixed load of colour T-shirts and shirts, using recommended powder detergent dosage and load size. Results may vary depending on load size, detergent type and water pressure.

  • Nice on knits

    You can safely trust your washer-dryer to treat your delicate wool garments with utmost care. Our wool cycle and Woolmark Blue certification ensure your prized hand wash only woollens can be dried safely, with no felting or shrinking.

  • Low Noise

    Our Eco inverter Technology is designed to be discreet and unobtrusive. Feel free to turn your dryer on any time of the day or night, without it interfering with anything else you’re doing.