Energy efficiency is a win win. It means using less energy to do the same jobs, reducing your home's energy waste, helping the planet and saving money.

“At Electrolux, our mission is to help people live more sustainably in their homes, and product energy efficiency is where we can make our greatest contribution to tackling environmental issues like climate change. Compared to a decade ago innovations in home appliances have improved energy efficiency by at least 50 per cent across all categories,” says Brand Manager, Jess Baird.

“An emphasis on lower running costs and a smaller environmental footprint has seen new technologies developed, and we will continue to develop products with good environmental performance, focusing on energy and water efficiency.”

These innovations combined with Australia’s handy star rating systems help make smart choices when it comes to efficient appliances easier. Here’s what to consider.

Energy rating – The red star

Energy ratings aren’t mandatory for all appliances, only high-consumption items, which means all refrigerators, freezers, clothes washers and dryers, dishwashers, air conditioners and TVs in Australia are required to carry a label displaying their energy-efficiency star rating. Standard energy ratings score appliances out of six red stars, plus show an estimate of how much energy an appliance will use in a year (kilowatt hours/year). Superior efficiency appliances have a rating out of 10. The higher the red star rating, the more energy efficient the appliance.

WELS rating – The blue star

Washing machines and dishwashers also carry a six star Water Efficiency Labelling Scheme (WELS) rating. Again, the higher the blue star rating, the better.


The ease and convenience of a dryer means they are often the best option when it comes to quickly drying clothes, and a heat-pump dryer uses less than half the energy per load than a standard condenser dryer. The upfront cost of this home convenience will be recouped on power bills.

The Electrolux 9kg UltimateCare 800 Heat Pump Dryer, Wi-Fi enabled has achieved a 7-star energy rating. The advanced SensorDry technology detects humidity and adapts the temperature and cycle length to suit the moisture in the load, protecting fabrics and making sure the dryer only runs for as long as it needs to. It’s also Wi-Fi enabled for operating convenience and features the Woolmark Blue certification, a refresh cycle and reverse tumbling action.

electrolux heat pump dryer

Washing machines

Front loaders can use up to 60 per cent less energy and water, than top loader washing machines. The Electrolux range only features front loaders, in sizes 7.5kg to 10kg, all with built-in intelligent technology.

The 4.5-star WELS, 5-star energy rated Electrolux 10kg Front Load Washer, SensorWash reduces energy needs by up to 50% with a powerful EcoInverter motor. For added efficiency, there’s also auto water level sensing, which detects water levels in the drum to ensure your machine uses the right amount enough water for the load size, and UltraMix which requires lower temperatures for a superior clean. Plus, the delay timer means you can use it to start your washing during off-peak electricity times. 


Since fridges operate 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, you want one with best in class energy efficiency that doesn’t compromise your food freshness. Choosing the right size model for your household is also the quickest way to limit energy waste. 

The Electrolux 4-star energy rated 524L Dark Stainless Steel French Door Fridge is packed with smart tech. Featuring a TasteLock Easy-glide crisper and cooling technology to regulate the temperatures, it also filters water and has a mark resistant stainless steel outer.


When it comes to saving water (and time), dishwashers are the perfect, water efficient solution. In comparison to hand washing your dishes in free-flowing water, you cannot effectively monitor how much water you’re using; dishwashers will effortlessly achieve a hygienic clean without any unnecessary water wastage.

The Electrolux 60cm built-under washer with ComfortLift™ comes with a 4.5 Energy Star Rating, accommodating 25% more capacity than the average dishwasher, offering Eco, FlexiWash and Intensive programs to help you select a cycle time that suits your needs. You no longer need to worry about wasting any extra water or energy.

electrolux oven


While they don’t have compulsory energy ratings, oven types impact energy consumption. Gas ovens tend to heat faster than electric ovens, but they’re more expensive to purchase. Modern electric ovens tend to have more special features than gas, like self-cleaning functions.

The Electrolux 60cm and 90cm Multifunction Pyrolytic Oven both feature a self-cleaning function requiring no harsh chemicals and better insulation, thanks to the glazed glass panes which keep the heat in. For added efficiency, the Smart Food Probe alerts you when food reaches it’s desired temperature, so no unnecessary cook time and therefore energy, is used.


Like ovens, cooktops don’t have compulsory energy ratings. Induction cooktops are the most energy efficient however, using about 65 per cent less energy than electric cooktops and about half the energy of gas. This is because electromagnetic induction heat is instant.

The Electrolux 90cm 6 Zone Maxisense InfinitePro Induction Cooktop features an auto warm-up function, intuitive touch and slide controls and cooking surface flexibility.


  • Reversing tumble action
  • Special programs for easy iron
  • Time drying
  • TasteLock Easy-glide crispers
  • Energy efficiency
  • Mark resistant real stainless steel
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