Maintaining a clean kitchen is never a one-man job. Full cooperation from your household helps, but having a trusted companion makes it all easier. After all, no pile of kitchenware is too big for a dishwasher. Properly utilising your dishwasher unit can make a huge difference on your routine, even through the smallest of ways. Redefine your kitchen experience with these quick tips for dishwashers.

1. Always run full loads

“Less is more” might be a good principle, but it’s not ideal for your dishwasher loads. Running your dishwasher in multiple batches consumes more water and energy than running it once a day. Not only that, loading multiple sets of kitchenware also takes more fuss. With the ComfortLift technology in Electrolux dishwashers, you have easier access to your cutlery tray, so you can finish your daily kitchenware load in a breeze.

2. Skip the pre-rinse

Even with the right intentions, pre-rinsing your dishes does more harm than good. Pre-rinsing means your dishwasher’s auto wash program thinks dishes are cleaner than they actually are and it won't wash as intensely, meaning they might actually come out dirtier. Instead of pre-rinsing them, simply scrape off food debris before loading your dishes straight to the washer. This saves more water and time in the long run, maximising the full capacity of your dishwashers.

3. Use the right amount of dishwashing liquid

Using more cleaning products doesn’t guarantee a better clean. In fact, using too much dishwashing liquid could leave residue on your kitchenware, which may cause various health complications. Through our ExtraHygiene feature, each wash cycle eliminates 99.9% of bacteria* of bacteria, guaranteeing a thorough yet safe wash each time.

4. Air-dry your wares

Letting your dishes dry naturally saves more energy and protects your kitchenware from excessive heat. Our AirDry technology takes this a step further, finishing each wash cycle with a blast of natural air. After a full wash, Electrolux dishwashers open around 10cm for air to properly circulate the unit, leaving your dishes dry and ready for storing.

5. Time your wash cycles wisely

To prepare an efficient dishwashing cycle, simply store used dishes inside the unit throughout the day. After supper, you can load the last batch of kitchenware and let the dishwasher take care of it. With our Delay Start feature, you can set a specific time for your wash program, allowing a more hands-free experience that you can always rely on.

*Tested for Micrococcus leteus and MS2 bacteriophage in external test performance by Swissatest Testmaterialien AG in 2021 (Test report No. 20212029)

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