The way your home makes you feel is often just as important, if not more important than the way it looks. Decorating your home with this in mind can make a big difference when it comes to creating a space that is harmonious and pleasing to relax and live in.

Electrolux Partner, Anna-Carin McNamara has shared her expert tips on how with some simple interior updates, you can bring balance and harmony in your home.

Add greenery

A term we use in interior design is biophilic design - bringing the natural world into our homes. Creating connectivity with nature in our homes can reduce stress, improve feelings of calmness, and contribute to creativity, all feelings that contribute to overall harmony.

Burn candles

Burning candles can provide warmth and ambiance, making your space feel more homely. Burn them at breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and in between if you feel like it!

Create hallway storage

Hallway storage is hugely important to store away coats, shoes, and bags. The hallway is the entrance to your home and it’s important to keep it clean and clear of clutter. If you don’t have room for a cupboard, consider hooks or hidden shoe racks.

Low hanging

Hang your pendants low to give flattering, intimate light that’s less intense than regular lights. The kitchen is a great option for this style of lighting.

Think about appliance placement

Appliances that can be integrated are great for a seamless look, I love the Electrolux RealLife XXL fully integrated dishwasher as it has more capacity than regular dishwashers and can hold odd shaped dishes and utensils, meaning less time handwashing.

Paid partnership with Anna-Carin McNamara

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Paid partnership with Anna-Carin McNamara

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