1. Types of vacuums

2. Corded Vs Cordless

A big part of choosing the right vacuum for your needs is deciding what kind of power you want. Whether you’re looking for a wall-powered vacuum or a rechargeable battery-powered vacuum cleaner, we have a solution that will suit your home.


3. Bagged vs bagless

Are you trying to decide between a bagged or bagless vacuum? Bagged vacuum cleaners are designed with a bag that is to be changed and disposed of when full, whereas bagless vacuums contain the dirt and dust within a canister that can be emptied when full and reused.

Bagged Vacuum Cleaners
Bagless Vacuum Cleaners

5. Vacuum cleaners for pets and allergies

Whether you have a furry friend around the house or specific hygiene needs due to asthma or allergies, we have specially-designed vacuums to suit you. A combination of head and filter technologies means pet hair - or allergenic particles - aren’t missed.

Best vacuum for pet owners
The best vacuum for allergies

6. Vacuums for cars

Everyone loves a clean car and a lot of us, spend a significant amount of time in them every week. So it’s important to keep them clean and tidy, not from a bacteria perspective, but from a peace of mind perspective.

Vacuuming your car at home can be a lengthy process so it’s important to have an easy-to-use, powerful, and long-lasting vacuum that can double as a handheld unit. Our UltimateHome 900 stick vacuums come with a backup battery, incredible suction power and of course can be used as a handheld unit. For even better use, you can get the Home & Car Kit to help make your car cleaning even easier.

Recommended vacuum for cars


7. Features to look out for

When searching for the right vacuum cleaner it's always important to ensure the suits your needs. For example, if you have small apartment, it’s best to go for a corded stick vacuum with advanced filtration like our UltimateHome 900 models. If you have a large space to clean a corded vacuum that doesn't lose suction when cleaning such as our UltimateHome 700 range.

8. FAQs

Our battery-powered vacuum cleaners combine the power and performance of a traditional vacuum with the versatility and ease of a cordless model, which means you get the highest quality of clean every time.

Yes, vacuum cleaner batteries can be, and you can find them online via our spare parts and accessories web pages.

We recommend cleaning HEPA filters monthly for optimum performance, and replacing them every 6-12 months. With our bagged vacuum cleaners there is no need to replace the filter, as each time you replace a bag you effectively refresh the filtration system.

Our bagged vacuum cleaners are fitted with a CleanLift handle and s-Bag design, meaning that disposing of used bags is simple. If you’re emptying a bagless model, our controlled emptying systems ensure seamless and hygienic dust disposal every time.

Our High Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) filters are highly sensitive air filters designed to capture 99.99% of dust, pollen, mould, bacteria and other airborne particles.

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