Vacuuming redefined

We’ve combined the power and performance of a traditional vacuum with the ease of a cordless cleaner, to leave your home cleaner. Strong and versatile enough to be the only cleaner you will need at home.

Unrivalled versatility

With the unique FlexLift system, you have the versatility to clean every inch of your home - from underneath low furniture to the high corners of your ceiling. The Pure F9 is adaptable to all surfaces and furnishings in your home, thanks to its integrated pull out hose and the 3-in-1 smart tool.

Ergonomic design

A perfect height for all, with the Pure F9's telescopic tube, the height can be adjusted to your comfort. With the unique sliding main unit & its low centre of gravity the Pure F9 is light in hand and easy to maneuver, a perfectly balanced cleaner.

Take a break - anywhere

Stop, Pause & Go, with the Pure F9's self standing design, you can conveniently park the vacuum when needed in an upright position, ready to resume cleaning, when you are.

Dust has nowhere to hide

The nozzle’s super-bright led lights, highlight microscopic flecks of dust around your home, making them unmissable, and illuminating dust’s dark hiding places underneath your furniture.

Auto Function

Intelligent power and performance. With Pure F9's Auto Function the advanced electronics will automatically adjust the airflow and suction, to suit the surface you are cleaning & to optimize dust pickup.