Make necessary adjustments:

Just like a home needs to be changed to accommodate children, there are things to do to accommodate pets as well. The first thing I would do if bringing home a puppy – and I learnt  this the painful way – is to remove any precious furniture during the teething stage, that might be tempting chewing objects. I had a beautiful round side table with timber trays that our puppy Karl fell in love with. It was demolished beyond repair one afternoon when he was left home alone.

Allocate a space for pet stuff:

I am a big fan of space allocation so a dedicated space for everything dog – i.e food grooming stuff, leads etc is a good idea. If there's space in the laundry that's perfect, I use one of the bottom drawers in the kitchen to store all the dog stuff.

Clean more frequently:

Homes should definitely be cleaned more frequently if you have pets, especially if they are inside most of the day. Even if they are not malting, regular cleaning is important to keep the home fresh. The Electrolux Pure Q9 handstick (PQ92-3PGF) is a powerful and lightweight 2 in 1 vacuum that features technology that is deal for cleaning animal hair, leaving pet owners with a clean, fur-free house.



Easy-to-clean fabrics:

I recently looked after my friend's dogs for a weekend and she had an accident on my new hand knotted rug in the living room. It's made of 100% wool and I managed to soak it up with a paper towel and then dab with warm water mixed with a bit of white vinegar and there was no staining. I would say wool repels stains really well as the fibre has a natural coating that protects it from marks becoming permanent. For other fabrics, spraying a stain protection will help. 

Considered design:

I have no problem with homes that have been designed with pet specific elements added or incorporated, and like with all design, if it is well designed – i.e considered, beautifully detailed, proportioned and in materials that are complementary to the rest of the house, then it can be a lovely addition for pet lovers.

Comfort and style:

There are so many cool dog beds these days. I suggest getting a bed for each room where you hang out to match each room - living, kitchen and study that way the dog will always feel a part of the family action. Like my interiors, I look for dog beds that are elegant, simple and look quite comfy too. Be conscious of the choice of dog bed so the colour scheme is sympathetic to the rest of the house. 

A home with love:

Just like with children, dogs should learn to adapt to the environment they are, as too much consideration for them could be damaging in the long run. For example, my kids grew up with candles and learnt early to respect them and not touch or play with them so we never had an issue with that - as long as safety is established, a home should be designed for the people. A well-trained pet will thrive in a home where there is love, just like a child. 


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