Are you in the market for a refrigerator upgrade? Say hello to the 496L UltimateTaste 500 bottom freezer fridge (EBE5002BD) delivering our highest energy rating! The 6-star energy rated refrigerator with inverter technology and vacuum insulation is engineered for ultimate energy efficiency. So now you can consume less electricity and save on power bills, without compromising refrigerator performance - a win-win.



4 Main Features About 6-Star Bottom Mount Energy Efficient Fridge

1. The production of these fridges helps us reduce, reuse, and recycle


Our commitment to sustainability is intricately woven into our appliances. Our 496L UltimateTaste 500 bottom freezer fridge (EBE50002BD) is built in Rayong, Thailand which recently received its Zero Landfill certification. The second in the Asia-Pacific region (after Adelaide, Australia) in fact.


What does this mean? To become Zero Waste to Landfill-certified, less than 1% of the waste produced in each plant must go to landfill or be incinerated into energy. We have raised the bar further, by ensuring that production sites limit the waste that can be converted into energy to below 3%. This encourages recycling and reusing of waste.

Aerial view of sustainable fridge factory


2. These fridges provide a harmonious temperature environment for your shelves


Do you find that the produce on your fridge shelf is colder at the back than it is at the front? Well, our EvenTemp technology ensures your food stays tastier for longer by minimising temperature fluctuations. It works by cooling each shelf individually to a consistent temperature, preserving taste and texture for longer.

Electrolux bottom mount fridge with fruits & veggies


3. Don’t sweat if you’re heading out of town - activate EcoMode


The suitcases are ready and waiting at the front door, the house is clean, and you have used up all of the perishable items in the fridge - you are almost set for your holidays! However, before you rush out the door don’t forget to activate the EcoMode Function which maintains an optimal fridge temperature while saving power and being mindful of the environment.


4. No more unwanted smells from the fridge


Say goodbye to opening the fridge and getting a whiff of a strange smell. Deep cleaning your fridge is vital every two to three months to help keep your fridge clean. Alongside our TasteGuard deodoriser which uses a carbon filter to help keep your fridge fresh, sanitary, and free from unwanted odours that can change the taste and smell of your food.

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