In today's busy world, keeping your home clean can feel like a chore. But what if you could reclaim your time and still maintain a spotless space? Introducing the UltimateHome 700 Robot Vacuum (EFR71222DS), a powerful, hands-free solution against dirt, dust, and pet hair. Here's why this innovative vacuum deserves a spot in your home:


1. The Multitasking Master


When it comes to the cleanliness of your home, don't just settle for high suction power, get a vacuum that goes above and beyond. The UltimateHome 700 Robot Vacuum (EFR71222DS) is a multitasking master, boasting its 2-in-1 cleaning feature. This robot vacuum cleaner cleans your floors, simultaneously vacuuming and mopping, leaving your floors impeccably clean all without any extra effort from you.



2. The Thorough Smart Cleaner


Sit back and relax while the UltimateHome 700 meticulously cleans your home. With a long 140-minute run time, it can cover up to 140 square metres* of floor space, so you can set and forget. This vacuum also utilises precise lidar technology, mapping your home to find the most efficient, obstacle-free path, for a complete, effective home clean that ensures no area is left untouched.




3. The Convenience Champion


Let's be honest, emptying the dustbin is a chore most of us would rather skip. The UltimateHome 700 Robot Vacuum (EFR71222DS) eliminates the hassle with a self-emptying dust bag that holds up to 6 weeks' worth of debris, eliminating the need for constant manual emptying. This minimises your contact with dust and allergens, making it a perfect choice for individuals prone to allergies.


4. A Powerful Performer


For those seeking exceptional cleaning results, the UltimateHome 700 Robot Vacuum delivers. It packs a powerful punch, effortlessly handling a wide range of dirt, from fine dust to larger debris**. This ensures a thorough clean across all floor types, whether you have floorboards, tiles, or carpet (or all three).


*Based on internal tests on quiet mode without mop settings and empty water tank.

**Internal test according to IEC 60312-1 on fine, medium and large particle sizes on both carpets and hard floors.


If you’re looking for a powerful, convenient, and time-saving way to keep your home clean, look no further than the UltimateHome 700 Robot Vacuum (EFR71222DS).


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