In a fast-paced life, creating and maintaining a healthy home can be time consuming and often seems too hard. But with much of our time spent indoors, and the concentration of harmful pollutants often being up to five times higher than outdoors1, it’s incredibly important to improve your at home wellbeing.


We’ve partnered up with Habit Expert, Dr. Gina Cleo, Model & Mum, Kirsten Stanley and Melbourne Mama, Amanda Morley, to share their insider tips on how they create a healthier home environment.



1. Prioritise staying clutter free


Maintaining a clutter-free home can reduce stress levels, enhance your productivity and positively impact mental clarity.


Dr. Gina says “there are some things I tend to neglect when life is full, but one habit I continue to do even when I’m really busy is staying clutter free. From using my UltimateHome 900 Stick Vacuum for easy spot cleans to keep dust (and dog fur!) at bay, to ensuring my kitchen bench and fridge is clean and clutter-free keeps me sane and grounded.”


The UltimateHome 900 Stick Vacuum’s PowerPro Multi-Surface Nozzle helps thoroughly clean any type of floor with ease and helps collect dust too!


Amanda’s details her tips to remain clutter-free, “Have a designated cupboard/ space for clutter that doesn’t have a home but needs to be put away. I find with a lot of clutter its overwhelming so I don’t stay on top of the cleaning jobs and things get out of control. With this system I can spot clean & vacuum during the day.”


2. Use low impact products around the home


A tip Kirsten implements in her daily life is around choosing natural cleaning products to use in her household to reduce exposure to harmful chemicals: 


“I try and do my best to use low impact products around the house, whether it’s cleaning the bathroom with vinegar and bi carb soda or finding the most natural products to use. We are on tank water here at the farm so to save water we use boiling water from the kettle to wash all our appliances, the boiling water loosens all that stubborn muck super easily.”


3. Invest in an air purifier


If you’re looking for a cleaner, healthier home then an Air Purifier is a simple, effective way to sanitise the air in your home, removing pollutants, allergens, bacteria and viruses using a four-step filtration process, which includes an integrated HEPA 13 filter that removes 99.9%2 of harmful bacteria.


Kirsten says “We love having our Air Purifier running throughout the night. It puts me at ease knowing we are breathing the best air possible while we sleep.”


Amanda adds “I love the “set and forget” aspect with the Smart Mode on our Electrolux Air purifier. It works harder when it needs too without me needing to do anything. The colour display also helps me know when I should have my purifier on and when the air in my home is clean.”


Woman in the sofa next to an Electrolux air purifier.

4. Let in natural light


Not only does promoting natural light in your home help with lowering electricity use, but also actively works to reduce household dust and bacteria in the home, especially reducing human-associated bacteria species that are known to cause respiratory diseases3 .


Amanda says “Natural light is my next most important factor alongside air quality. Opening blinds and curtains each day as a habit, this one small thing noticeably affects my mood”


Electrolux air purifier in the dining room.



1 BEAMA - My Health My Home, 2020

2 Tested for Escherichia coli, Staphylococcus aureus, Klebsiella pneumonia, Aspergillus Niger by a third party according to AHAM standard, 2022

3 Fahimipour, A., Hartmann, E., Siemens, A. et al., 2018

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