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Familiarity brings comfort, but it can also get old with time — and the same goes for your living space. As you reimagine your home’s interior design, look towards other cultures for inspiration. If you want everything in its right place, look no further than the Scandinavian principle of Lagom that is also applied to interior design.

Literally translating to “just right,” applying Lagom to your home’s interior design is a lesson in balance. Following Scandinavian tastes, you would avoid going overboard without stripping things down to the bare minimum. Here’s how you can achieve Lagom design in your household:


1. Build a neutral color scheme

To achieve a Swedish aesthetic, swap out pieces that don’t align with the principle: anything too vibrant or garish has no place in your spaces now. Instead, curate a new colour palette of cool, neutral, and earthy tones throughout your interior, to strike the delicate balance of cosiness and smart, modern appeal.

Our UltimateHome 500 Air Purifier comes in a neutral colorway that will fit in while you experiment with subtle Scandinavian flair in different ways that suit your home.


2. Prioritise functionality over excess

air purifier
Everyone’s heard of decluttering, but the Lagom philosophy goes deeper than just eliminating the unnecessary. Rooted in Swedish efficiency, Lagom design means that every element of your home should serve a purpose. Rather than tacky novelty items, choose functional statement pieces that will improve your home life and look great while they’re at it

3. Bring out your green thumb

Introducing greenery to your home will reward you beyond aesthetics. Aside from paying homage to the Swedes’ love for the outdoors, plants help liven up your spaces and improve your home’s air quality. Paired with our UltimateHome 500 Air Purifier, you get superior air filtration from mother nature and cutting-edge Swedish technology, breathing new life into your household.



4. Emphasise a focal point for each room

Instead of aimlessly adding components, the Lagom outlook seeks to create harmony between the elements of your home. As you curate your spaces, you must have a focal point for every room, to help you determine which pieces and accents would complement each other best. Whether it be appliances, art pieces, or other ornaments, these focal points anchor the balance in each room.

5. Let the light in

With all other elements in place, the last step to your Lagom journey is seeing your home in a new light — that is, incorporating enough natural light in your home. By installing mirrors and freeing up windows, the adequate light creates a more organic, cosy sense of balance within your transformed spaces, which will help you and your guests appreciate it all the more.

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