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Following on from our Better Living Renovation Guide with Josh & Jenna we caught up with the duo to discuss the art of bringing Swedish design to Australian homes.

From Hygge to creating tranquillity throughout the home, Josh & Jenna have shared their simple but effective advice on how to create a welcoming, homely space with a Swedish touch.

Bring Hygge into your home

Hygge, is a concept representing a feeling of cosiness and creating warm and inviting spaces. We have loved introducing the concept of Hygge into our space as it has elevated the feeling of comfort and serenity. A few simple touches throughout your home can really embrace the feeling of Hygge such as:

  • Create a comfortable and warm atmosphere by adding soft furnishings such as cushions and throws.
  • Neutral colour schemes such as light greys, whites, and cream adds a tranquil and spa–like feel to your space.
  • Decluttering your home by getting rid of items you no longer need will make your space more enjoyable to live in.

Blend Aussie living with Swedish

There are a lot of similarities in the way Swedes live their lives to us here in Australia. For instance their love of nature flows through their home with the use of natural elements that create a connection between the inside and outside world. Like the Swedes, we embrace the soothing presence of nature within our homes through the incorporation of warm woods and greenery.

Creating a tranquil sanctuary throughout the home

A question we are often asked is what our approach is when it comes to designing our home. Rather than having a specific style, we try to focus on a feeling and create spaces that evoke a sense of calm. We like to use a tonal colour palette and a mix of textures to create this feeling which is why we’re so attracted to Scandinavian design.

Designing the ultimate kitchen and laundry space

If you are anything like us, two of the most important spaces in our home are the kitchen and laundry room as our daily routines revolve around these areas. So that is why when it comes to designing these spaces it is important to take measured steps to ensure they’re perfect for how we want to use each area.

The first stage is to think about the functionality of the room. As we are a busy household with two young daughters, we look at determining our specific needs and how we want to use each space. This then helps to determine the right layout and appliances to create a space that works for us. For example, when it came to choosing our washing machine we knew we needed an appliance that had advanced technology to suit our washing needs. Que, the Electrolux 10kg UltimateCare 700 Front Load Washing Machine (EWF1042R7WB) with a wide range of innovative features such as SensorWash and UltraMix.

We then selected materials and finishes that are durable and evoked that sense of calm. Finally, we finish off with styling objects that add a bit of personality and softness to the hard surfaces.


Soft and hard furnishings go hand in hand

Understanding the purpose of each space is crucial in designing a functional and aesthetically pleasing home. Consider how you'll use the area to determine the furniture layout and selection. For our kitchen, where we host dinner parties (and playdates of course!) we wanted to carefully select appliances that cater to our needs.

For example, the 90cm UltimateTaste 700 Induction Cooktop (EHI955BE) with BridgeZone function provides a versatile cooking surface, perfect for entertaining. Additionally, our 609L UltimateTaste 900 French Door Fridge (EQE6870BA) accommodates various dietary needs with its TasteSealFlex convertible compartment. Once you have the bones right you can begin to layer the room with soft furnishing, art, accessories and lighting.


Furthermore, a home should be filled with pieces that have true meaning, so next time you go on a holiday or road trip, scout the op shops or local homewares stores to find pieces that will remind you of that time and place. Filling your home with the people you love and the things that make you happy is what will make your house a home.

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