Discover the secrets behind Massimo Mele mouthwatering dishes, made with love and precision in his own home. Massimo showcases the local Tasmanian ingredients, seasonal delights and the art of creating healthy, unforgettable meals right in your own kitchen

Massimo Mele's values

Massimo and Electrolux have been working together for many, many years and the reason why, is the values between the two align perfectly. Both the company and the chef see sustainability and human-centric design at the heart of everything they do.
Massimo and Electrolux values
Sustainable eating with Massimo

Sustainable eating with Massimo

A value close to Massimo's heart is sustainable eating, ensuring all parts of the ingredient is used, to minimise waste.

Massimo's products

Mass loves his Electrolux products, especially the induction cooktops. With accurate temperature control to functional features like an in-built timer, Electrolux products fit perfectly into Mass' way of life.
Massimo's Electrolux appliances
Massimo's  love for local produce

Local produce

Massimo love's fresh produce, that's why he always uses in season, local vegetables, fruits and meats.

The Chefs Garden recipes

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