We’re a Swedish company and have been for 100 years, this way of thinking influences everything we do and every product we make. It helps drive us to create intuitive products, designed with people in mind.

To give you the tools to make great tasting food, to keep your clothes looking newer for longer and to enrich your home life. It is about Swedish thinking for better living.

Electrolux Experience Centres

Our Sydney Electrolux Experience Centre is now open with consultants available to assist you.

Tune in to our new podcast series

Discover our new podcast that shares philosophies for better living through conversations and tips from leading thought leaders, designers, social entrepreneurs and chefs.







Cooking Schools

The Electrolux Cooking School Partners provide the ultimate destination to participate in a unique learning experience. The Cooking Schools offer the chance to learn the latest cooking techniques from renowned chefs using the latest premium appliances from Electrolux

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