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There are a few laundry basics most people are all over - whites and colours, hot wash vs cold. But beyond not letting a red shirt bleed all over your linens or overusing hot water, there are still many ways to make sure you're caring for your fabrics so you can make them last.

Intuitive drying

If there’s one common bugbear when it comes to dryers, it’s that clothing doesn’t always come out fully dried and they can be known for shrinking your cherished items.

But did you know that fabrics only shrink when they’re over-dried? The lack of moisture in the fibres of your favourite piece of clothing is the reason for its shrinkage, meaning it's always important to check the care label on your clothing first.

At Electrolux, we embrace Swedish thinking, which means our dryers are designed with a human-centric philosophy, meaning we want them to be easy to use and intuitive so you can say goodbye to uneven drying and shrunken clothes for good.

Our most advanced Electrolux offers dedicated programs for wool, silk, down, outdoor, denim, cotton, synthetics, lace, blends and other delicates.

Have even greater confidence in your dryer with Electrolux’s 3DSense technology.

What is 3DSense technology?

To put it simply, the technology uses sensors to detect moisture deep inside your loads, up to 5cm deep into garments, which is ideal for bulky items like doonas or down jackets.

The technology prevents over-drying by adjusting the drying time according to how damp the garments are to ensure all fabrics, even silk and wool, will be dried with optimal, precise care for consistent results every time.

It’s particularly useful for natural fibres such as cotton, linen and wool, which can shrink if too much moisture is removed. These fibres have a natural moisture content, even when they feel dry (with cotton it's 5 percent; with wool as much as 17 percent).

Our wool program offers no shrinkage of woolens, comparable to flat drying. It's so effective, Woolmark has certified a range of our Electrolux dryers, including those with 3DSense technology.

Optimal drying results with Electrolux 3DSense

Discover the products

Our 9kg UltimateCare 900 Heat Pump Dryer with 3D Sense and 8kg UltimateCare 900 Heat Pump Dryer with 3D Sense offer 3D Sense technology to preserve your garments and avoid clothing carnage.

The advanced dryer eliminates the risk of over-drying by activating humidity sensors throughout each cycle for you to enjoy optimal drying accuracy.

By using innovative technology, you’re able to effortlessly care for your garments and outsource to the experts.


3DSense Dryers in the range

  • Woollens and silks programs
  • Special programs for easy iron
  • Reversing tumble action
Good Design Award -  Domestic Appliances
  • Woollens and silks programs
  • Special programs for easy iron
  • Reversing tumble action
Good Design Award -  Domestic Appliances
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