Make It Last – Care

With Electrolux UltimateCare, you can give your clothes a longer life, for a more sustainable future.

Effortless laundry for you, better care for your clothes

Make sure your favorites are protected with each wash, by keeping them in a better condition for longer with AutoDose. Too much or too little detergent can be harmful to your garments, but AutoDose delivers the exact amount each load needs.

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Vapour instead of washing

By using vapour, you save on water consumption, extend the life of clothes and reduce the climate impact. Steam can also treat wrinkles and creases to save you time when ironing.

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I bought this machine about six weeks ago, I have not stopped talking and showing it to my family and friends.
Nan Lidds | Owned 1 month

Say Goodbye To Overheating With Delicatecare Heatpump Dryers

With our Delicate Care Technology, every garment is dried at the temperature that suits it best. A fast drum movement on the wool cycle ensures wools are kept flat to reduce shrinkage, whilst the silk cycle to ensure your delicate silks are gently kept aloft to keep their shape.

Anti Crease

Our DelicateCare System with heat pump tailors low temperatures and drum motion to any fabric. Even your silk garments emerge with up to 50% less creases.

Connected laundry

Enjoy complete connected control of your wash with the Electrolux Life App. Get expert advice from our Stain Guide, schedule your laundry or simply tap to adjust settings - every aspect of your washing experience is at your fingertips.

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