Make It Last

To live a balanced life we need to work with the planet and not against it. That’s why we want to Make food and clothes last while ensuring our lifestyle is balanced.
In the face of escalating climate change, it’s easy to feel helpless. But we don’t have to stand by and watch. We can take action. At Electrolux, we believe a solution for a sustainable future is right in front of us. At home. With smarter appliances, that help you make better use of our planet’s resources while improving quality of life. Discover how even the smallest changes in your everyday life can make a big difference.

Make It Last - Taste

Each year, humans throw away 1/3 of all global food production, with households being the largest contributor. Electrolux has created an eco-system of products that make it easy and inspiring for you to eat and live more sustainably without compromise.

Make It Last - Care

What if your laundry appliances were more gentle on your clothes? Then that would also be more gentle on our planet. Shape a better living, today and tomorrow.

Make It Last - Wellbeing

What if your cleaning appliances could help make home a healthier place to be? Not just for you and your family. But for all of us. Shape a better living, today and tomorrow.