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From knowing how to use your leftovers to our favourite summer recipes, we’ll have you mastering the entertaining season in no time

There’s nothing quite like the summertime and everything that comes with it – sun, warm balmy nights, trips to the beach, and more time spent entertaining friends and family.

But this love of summer entertaining can come with some considerations. Pre-or-post meals and get-togethers can often be stressful between deciding what dishes to cook or knowing what to do with the inevitable leftovers.

That’s why we’ve rounded up our top tricks and tips so you can succeed in cooking your way through the entertaining season without any hiccups.

Plan your menu ahead of time

Cooking for a crowd can be a challenging endeavour so the more you can do in advance, the better. Planning your menu ahead of time allows you to properly cater to exactly how many guests you will be entertaining and reduces the stress of coming up with last-minute dish ideas. The idea is to be relaxed, not stressed after all. Forward planning means you can have your grocery list sorted, so you only buy exactly what you need and save you from unnecessarily wasting food that you didn’t end up using.

Choose appliances that make life easier

Appliances are the core of every meal and if you’re partial to the odd at-home celebration, you’ll need intuitive appliances to help make the cooking process a seamless one. A built-in warming drawer is an entertainer’s secret weapon. Allowing you to keep food warm until it is time to serve means no last-minute rushing around to reheat dishes that were ready ahead of time.

Know how to creatively use up your leftovers

High on the festivities or wanting to wow guests, many of us may have gone overboard on preparations, only to waste money and effort on food that is never eaten. But before you throw that ham in the bin, channel some creativity and consider these tips for giving your leftovers a second life:

  • Pizza-fy it - leftover pizza, anyone? Create a pizza topped entirely with vegetables, cheeses and meats from yesterday’s festivities using the UltimateTaste 900 Built-In Oven’s dedicated pizza function. It grills from above and cooks from below for a crisp crust, slightly charred toppings, and a satisfying cheese pull.
  • Try new flavours - Turn leftover veggies into savoury pies, chicken into sandwiches, and your charcuterie board into mac and cheese. The experiment in the kitchen and discover new flavours but skip on the messy countertop with the all-around UltimateTaste 900 where you can roast, grill, and bake through its range of functions.

Check out some of our favourite summer entertaining recipes to elevate your next friend or family gathering:

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