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Battling cooler temperatures, wind and constant rain can make laundry a little bit more challenging to complete in the winter, so much so that air-drying clothes outside can feel near impossible.

While drying clothes indoors is always an option, sometimes the luxury of space means it’s not quite possible for everyone. Drying clothes indoors also makes for a damper environment which can be a trigger for allergies.

Here, we uncover the best ways to tackle the laundry in the winter.

1. Add an extra spin to your washing cycle

An extra spin can make all the difference. After your washing cycle has finished, add in an extra spin cycle or even use a faster spin setting to remove as much moisture as possible from your clothes. Hardier garments and items like denim and towels are best at withstanding an extra spin, while delicates are best removed from the washing machine at this stage to preserve their shape and ensure they last as long as possible.

2. A dryer is your best friend

If you’re looking for laundry efficiency in the cooler months, a dryer is the way to go. With a dryer, you can bypass the need to wait for sunny days and go straight to freshly laundered and dried clothes in no time.

Our most advanced Electrolux dryers offer dedicated programs for wool, silk, down, outdoor, denim, cotton, synthetics, lace, blends and other delicates. Have even greater confidence in your dryer with our 3DSense technology.

What’s 3DSense Technology? To put it simply, the technology uses sensors to detect moisture deep inside your loads, up to 5cm deep into garments, which is ideal for bulky items like doonas or down jackets.

The technology prevents over-drying by adjusting the drying time according to how damp the garments are to ensure all fabrics, even silk and wool, will be dried with optimal, precise care for consistent results every time.

With no shrinkage and no shape loss*, you can trust your wool and silk garments to the UltimateCare Dryers. DelicateCare wool and silk cycles carefully tailor temperature and motion to suit the unique properties of these delicate fabrics. Woollens are kept flat against the drum’s surface to prevent shrinkage and silks are gently air-dried at very low temperatures to prevent shape loss*.

Tip: choose a Heat Pump Dryer for the best energy efficiency. Designed with exceptional performance, our heat pump dryers use significantly less energy compared to our standard condenser and gently dry clothes at a lower temperature. Without the need to be ducted, they don't create unnecessary hot air or moisture in your laundry.



3. Keep an eye on the weather

Sunny days do still happen in winter! And if a dryer isn’t an option in your household, make the most of good weather and aim to do your laundry when it’s less likely to be damp and humid. While it may sound obvious, drying clothes outside keeps them fresh, and well-aired and means it’s less likely that moisture will end up trapped in the fibres which can lead to those unpleasant musty smells.


*No shrinkage of woollens comparable to flat drying. No shape-loss of silks comparable to air drying

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